What happens if you touch your Hurdy Gurdy wheel?

Deadspots on the wheel

Did someone touch your wheel? maybe you touched it accidentally? or you heard many horror stories about people that touched it?

Don’t worry! we are crankers, right? we can fix the 95% of things that happen on our gurdy, we’re the gurus of the Hurdy Gurdy Adjustment

I’m sure you already know, the rim of your wheel needs rosin to produce sound, this coat of rosin has to be as even as possible, and when you or someone touches the rim, you normally create deadspots so the rosin is not even anymore and you get volume jumps.

hurdy gurdy set up

Fixing this is very easy, we have to reset the rosin adjustment, and how do we do this? ok! go and get a rag, I’ll wait here.

Great! take the rag and press hard with it on the wheel while you turn the crank as fast as possible, this will create heat causing the existing Rossin to be removed from the rim

hurdy gurdy adjustment

Try and see if you still have the deadspot, if it sounds right… YEAH we made it if it still sounds wrong, I would recomend using a two or three drops of alcohol on the rag, this will disolve the rosin and clean the wheel, remember that if you do this, you are removing ALL the existing rosin from the wheel so it probably will not produce any sound, apply a fine and even layer of rosin and check the sound again, now everything should work 😄


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