The Witcher Hurdy Gurdy

The Witcher Series Ep3

Netflix series ‘The Witcher’ based on the infamous adventures of Geralt of Rivia showed us a beautiful Hungarian hurdy gurdy (Tekero) by Bela SzerΓ©nyi but we were surprised by the extra not even knowing how to hold the instrument… πŸ˜… the hurdy-gurdy community was a bit shocked for some days with comments like:

“They always try and play it like a bloody guitar. Don’t these people have Google? Surely if you know what the instrument is, you play it correctly. If you don’t, you look it up!”

Greg Samways 

Here you can see a picture of the extra holding the gurdy completely wrong during the scene with a very confused face and looking directly into the camera, he wasn’t even cranking while pressing the keys 😟 however, I guess we can’t blame the extra, this is actually a fault of the prop team or the director, don’t you think? 10.000.000$ yes TEN MILLION dollars on each episode and they can’t even google how to hold the instrument. How dare you Netflix? you should have seen our web 🀣

Kill me, please πŸ™

BUT the videogame guys got it right!

On the other hand, the developers and art designers from CD Projekt RED eventually got it right, we can see some statues holding the instrument correctly, halleluiah!

A real hurdy gurdy playing The Witcher tune (Ladies of the Woods)

At least we can say our beloved and very talented friend Annie Rie played a special cover inspired by the start of the new Witcher series, she recorded every single instrument you can hear, from Hurdy Gurdy to Vocals, including mandoline, violin, and percussion.


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