Hurdy Gurdy right-hand posture

How to hold your crank

The right-hand posture is the first thing we have to solve when we start playing the hurdy gurdy, people don’t pay attention to it, but it’s very important!!

Shape your hand like a pistol, thumb up, index and middle pointing out, ring and pinky closed, place your hand and close the fingers as I show on the video, now you have a perfect gurdy grip

how to hold the crank of the hurdy gurdy
The pistol position by Sergio González

Try to keep the wrist as firm as possible and 90 degrees on your right arm, be very carefull with your hand, I’ve seen a lot of people that angle their hand a bit to the left or to the right, the hand has to be totally straight

closed hand position for hurdy gurdy
Closed hand view

Now we are ready to continue 😄


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