Skype Hurdy Gurdy Lessons

Hurdy Gurdy Lessons for Beginners Online

If you are here I suppose you are planning to have some Hurdy Gurdy lessons but you find it difficult to find a gurdy teacher nearby.

hurdy gurdy teacherWe all know this is not a very common instrument, and some years ago finding a good teacher was very difficult, but good news! Since 2018 I became Hurdy Gurdy teacher as my full-time job, and services like Skype, Google Hangouts or even Facebook Video make this so easy, you only need a pair of headphones an internet connection and we can start lessons whenever you want.

So far I have had hurdy gurdy students from many countries, the USA , Brazil, Argentina, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, and Germany. It feels like magic ✨, for example, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (‘Hello Keiko! 😄’) is literally 12.902 Kilometers from the Studio where I have the setup for the lessons!

But even with the Time Zone differences we found a spot to make the schedules work and have our lessons every week, so there is no excuse, with only 10 or 15 minutes of study a day you will be able to learn how to play the hurdy-gurdy online and also very important, to learn how to adjust your hurdy gurdy to get rid of all the scratchy sounds and enjoy a good sound.

Hurdy Gurdy Lesson Prices

We have two options for the skype hurdy gurdy lessons.

Regular Sessions: You get your fixed spot in my schedule every week.
the rates for this option are 120€ per month – 30€ per Session

Sporadic Sessions: We discuss day and hour for each session.
The rates for this option are 40€ per session

(note lessons every two weeks and similar things are understood as sporadic lessons because it’s difficult to fill your hour with another student)

Rules for the skype gurdy lessons

1) Payments are done in advance via
2) Cancelation needed? please do it with 24h in advance to Reschedule
3) If you don’t notify your cancelation class will be lost (Sorry)
4) Do not hesitate to contact me during the week if you have any doubt. I try to be there to help you, with audios or videos whenever needed

All my students have 15% discount at

How does a hurdy class work?

Easy! Just contact me by Facebook or Email and let’s check our Time Zone difference, then I’ll send you my schedules and we choose a good matching hour for our first hurdy gurdy lesson. I’ve created my own method so all the lessons are well planned, you will always receive PDF’ files with scales, excercises, technique and music sheets with hurdy gurdy tunes, if you don’t know how to read music don’t panic, we can learn a bit and I will provide videos and audios of everything we learn during the session, so you can practice with me (in video) during the week

All the material mentioned above will be uploaded to your personal dropbox folder where we can keep track of what we are learning, and everything is organized so you can always go back and remember what we were studying on for example lesson number four (We learned Phrygean mode and some cool tunes) 😉

If you are a 100% beginner hurdy gurdy player we can start from scratch and we will learn how to tune, fingering, posture, scales, exercises to understand how the scales work, introduction to the modes, coups, repertoire of different styles, adjustment… basically everything you have to know to become a good player

If  you don’t come from zero and you want to work specific techniques or repertoire I’m totally open to creating a personal method for you, coup accentuation, maqam, advanced technique, dissociation patterns, ornamentation, medieval, oriental, contemporary stuff, let’s talk about it, I can also analyze your technique and focus on the week points we discover (This is really useful)


Meet Your Hurdy Gurdy Online Teacher

Ha! we have been talking for a while but I didn’t introduce myself, I’m Sergio Gonzalez your hurdy gurdy online teacher from Barcelona, Spain.  This is a little bit of my story…

I studied hurdy gurdy with awesome teachers such as:

hurdy gurdy lesson

Efrén López, Germán Díaz,
Marc Egea 
and Abel García
among other great musicians

Since 2015 I decided to quit my day job and started looking at music as something I could make my living with, my first real job as a professional musician was playing Hurdy Gurdy, Flutes and Percussion for the pagan folk band ‘Cúelebre’ we toured quite a lot around Europe playing with big names like ‘Faun’ – ‘Omnia’ – ‘Corvus Corax’ after those years of intensive touring we parted ways with the band and I decided to focus my life on gathering and sharing hurdy gurdy online information to make this instrument as popular as possible.

Now my main job is tech hurdy gurdy online, make beautiful hurdy gurdy straps and play at the streets to make our beloved instrument more visible, you may think I’ve choosen a “hard life” and you are right, sometimes it’s not easy, specially in barcelona where the police persecutes street performers like me. We get lots of fines for what they call ‘Acoustic Polution’ but anyway! The community is growing so fast and every day there’s more and more online pressence of the hurdy gurdy that makes me happy.

Testimonials from other students

This is not yet completed but I will ask my students to write some lines about the lessons, it will be fun to see their opinions 🙂