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List of Hurdy Gurdy Players & Luthiers

List of Hurdy Gurdy Players & Luthiers

Please if you are a hurdy gurdy player, use the form below the map to add yourself to the list. A red marker will display the players. if you have any problem with the form, contact me at –

A Green Marker will display the Luthiers // If you are a luthier and want your green marker please contact –

Hurdy Gurdy Global Census

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Hurdy Gurdy players near me

I always wondered how many Hurdy Gurdy Players near me could I find, that’s why I decided to create the Hurdy Gurdy Census. With our new census, you can find gurdy players around your area, you will never feel alone again, let’s make this grow big and create a huge database of hurdy gurdy players 🙂 !

Try a hurdy gurdy before buying one

If you are a Hurdy Gurdy Beginner it’s super difficult to find instruments to try before buying, however, the community is vast and I’m sure most of the players around you are would not mind letting you try their instruments. BUY them a beer or two after that no one will resist! In conclusion, now with the Hurdy Gurdy Census you have the option to look for gurdies around your area and contact the owners to maybe have a talk!



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