Crankers Club


The Crankers Club will be an Online hurdy gurdy learning platform where you can study with me, your level doesn’t matter, we will have lots of video lessons and material to enjoy and plan your study sessions 😀

  • Video Lessons for all the levels
  • Music Sheets
  • PDF with Excercises
  • Midi-Files
  • Audios
  • Loops to Study Rythms

Hurdy Gurdy Tutorial

This is an open learning platform, not a single course, that means the club opens with more than 10h of Hurdy Gurdy tutorials and material to start, but I will be adding more and more material every month, adjustment, modes, technique, ornamentation, repertoir

Study with the greatest players

Not only you will have the chance to study with me (Sergio González) we will have guest teachers who will teach you very specific techniques and unique styles they have been developing for years