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Sergio González

Sergio González (Barcelona), Viola de Roda

Begins his learning with Marc Egea and Abel García (Mara Aranda), after some years of very intensive study and practice starts getting interested in the musics of the mediterranean
attending various seminars and courses with Efrén Lopez (L’ham de foc, EVO, TAOs)

Decides to leave everything and work full time as musician touring extensively in Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy with the Pagan Folk band “Cúelebre”

creates his YouTube channel about hurdy gurdy “Zanfoneando” reaching more than 3.000 Subscribers and spreading the knowledge gathered during the years and the love for the instrument.

starts taking lessons with the Cretan Lyra master Kelly Thoma trying to copy the lyra language,
oranaments and repertoire and adapting it to the hurdy gurdy

studies with the Hurdy Gurdy trompette master Steven Tyler, focusing in Rythm and right hand technique

studies with Germán Diaz, focusing on traditional iberian repertoir and contemporary hurdy gurdy music

Records hurdy gurdy tracks for various Short Films, videogames, audiobooks and US TV Movies

Since he started teaching he had 70+ students from all over the world U.S.A, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Vietnam, India, China.

Nowadays he’s focusing on composition and playing with “Zalyud” a mediterranean trio with oud and cretan lyra and a medieval music duo with the harpist and singer Alba Asensi

About the project

The Crankers Club

Beginner to PRO

We will have lessons from very beginner to advanced, repertoir of various styles, technique, couping, theory and musicality in general

Professional Tutors

We’re working to provide video lessons not only from Sergio González, but from many different great masters of the hurdy gurdy

Fit Your Schedule

Now your schedule is not a limit anymore, watch all the lessons as many times as you need, and ask your doubts on the Telegram group

“This lessons will bring a new dimension to your playing”

David Kearney
United Kingdom
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United States
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Jodie Burns



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