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Hurdy Gurdy the medieval instrument that now is modern

This is a specialised website about gurdies, you always wanted to start playing the hurdy gurdy? maybe you like medieval music, french folk, you saw a gurdy on a FAUN show, Patty Gurdy on youtube or you are here because of the uGears Hurdy Gurdy Kit? Maybe videogmes featuring hurdies like The Witcher and Sea of Thieves, or metal bands that use gurdies like Eluveitie or Cellar Darling, it doesn’t matter where you come from, you are very welcome. The hurdy gurdy is gaining popularity this days, in other words, there are are more and more people interested in buying one, and lots of beginners with tons of questions, so now relax and have a look on this website, we will provide the best info 😋

Eluveitie Accento by Sebastian Hilsman

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What is a hurdy gurdy?

As a basic description, the hurdy gurdy is an instrument that basically works like a mechanical violin, instead of using a bow we have a rosined wheel that frictions the strings when we turn the crank and produces sound, the melodies are created by pressing keys with our left hand, and we have dedicated drone strings that aren’t attached to the keys, so they sound in the back creating the characteristic hurdy-gurdy atmospheric sound, there are also buzzing bridges that create rhythmic patterns when we turn the crank with certain inertias, so basically this is almost like a medieval synthesizer

(and no, there is no air involved in this instrument)


Zanfoneando is a big project, I decided to start long time ago, in adition of this webpage we also created this Hurdy Gurdy Youtube Channel.  I have been gathering all the hurdy gurdy information I could get, from all sources you can imagine, old gurdy books and journals, hurdy gurdy musicians, teachers and makers from all over the globe, and now I’m very glad to say it will be here for you, online and free. In conclusion, I hope you enjoy your hurdy gurdy adventure with us.